Interview: Philip Schein, CEO/Owner of Fazenda Coffee Roasters

Interview: Philip Schein, CEO/Owner of Fazenda Coffee Roasters

Meet Philip Schein: Owner/Founder of Fazenda Coffee Roasters

Philip Schein is the Owner and Founder of Fazenda Coffee Roasters, which he founded in 2010. A pioneer in the specialty coffee movement, he’s an expert in entrepreneurship and coffee sourcing and roasting.

Featured in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and other media outlets, Schein has collaborated with locally/internationally acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs consulting and building successful coffee programs for more than 20 years. He's owned cafes and start-up ventures emerging as a leader with experiences in all facets of business development.

Schein earned his degree at Tulane University and Boston University, has received multiple coffee and tea certifications, and regularly travels to countries of coffee origin. He also leads various trainings and classes throughout Boston.

Today, Schein leads his team to provide exceptional coffee, service, and education to more than 200 restaurants, cafes, hotels, and gourmet food stores in Boston/Greater Boston, as well as nationwide.

What is your favorite coffee to enjoy at home right now and how to do you make it? I'm enjoying our Tanzania coffee which is our July/August Reserve coffee. This coffee has some very complex, fruity flavors. Recently, I have been brewing it on a Hario V60 Pour Over.

What led to a career in coffee? What are you currently doing in your role at Fazenda? It all started because a friend of mine was in the coffee industry and had brought me on because he needed help. I stayed because I quickly became fascinated with everything about specialty coffee. I also really enjoy working with such a diverse group of people from the farmers to the importers to the roasters -- all the way through to the owners of bakeries/cafes/restaurants. As Owner and Founder of Fazenda Coffee Roasters, I continue to grow all aspects of the company.

What advice might you have for someone who is interested in working in or learning more about the coffee industry? There is so much to learn - take every opportunity you can. If you're able, try to visit a coffee farm to learn more about coffee origins and the journey that coffee takes. Also, make a point to visit a coffee roaster. You're always welcome to come visit us at Fazenda. [We host a monthly edu series here at Fazenda and welcome you to join us.] 

What is one of the most interesting aspects of coffee (fun fact, something you've learned along the way, etc.)?  I think the experimentation of different drying processes used and tested at the mills/farms to enhance the flavor notes are really cool. But, it's impossible to pick just one - every aspect is fascinating and I'm constantly learning new things.

Where are you from originally? Rhode Island

What are your hobbies? 
Running, surfing, food related classes, cooking, and golf. 
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