The Roastery



At Fazenda (“fuh-ZEN-duh”), and yes, we love saying it too), coffee is more than just our job. It’s a labor of love. It’s our commitment. We are Boston’s leading customer service focused specialty coffee roaster.

We work side by side with the best restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices in serving quality coffee and tea. In addition to a wide range of specialty and boutique offerings, we provide education in the fundamentals of brewing coffee & espresso, equipment support, and emphasize responsive, customer-focused service. We’re not just a coffee vendor, we’re a full partner to our customers.


  • To foster & celebrate the pursuit of roasting, brewing and serving high quality, specialty grade coffee;
  • To adhere to the highest standards in our work, with a priority in supporting our local economy, sourcing coffees that promote social & environmental stewardship.
  • To play a vital role in coffee-based education, from sourcing to brewing, linking producers to consumers.


  • The name Fazenda [fuh-ZEN-duh] was inspired by the Portuguese word for “farm” -- where the whole journey begins. We wanted to celebrate our growers and the dedication to the craft.



    Our roasting philosophy is based on respect for each coffee's inherent qualities. We roast to bring out those attributes that make each coffee unique. To this end, we create specific roast profiles for each coffee that are tested and refined over time, and feature roasting styles across the spectrum: from delicate and fruity light roasts, balanced and sweet medium roasts and blends, to deep & full bodied dark roasts.

    The Fazenda process of profile creation gives coffee roasting its due respect as a highly refined art and science. Our profile design goals emphasize bringing forward the coffee’s best inherent flavors and aromatics and maximizing sugar development.

    Our Loring Smart Roaster allows us to capture and re-create precise roast profiles in real time, tracking variables like temperature and airflow. With this information, we can perfectly repeat any given roast to our exact specifications, making each roast just as perfect as the last. 

    Coffee Cherries in Costa Rica


    Fazenda recognizes that truly brilliant coffee must pass through many capable hands before it reaches you, the final consumer. Our goal as a coffee roaster is to maximize quality in the cup. We strive to not only source the best green coffee and create refined roast profiles for that coffee, but also to provide baristas and consumers with coffee-based education, including brewing techniques, tools, and instructions that are catered to each coffee we roast.

    All of Fazenda’s bagged coffee is coded to indicate the roast date, the roast style, and the coffee type. Notes are taken about each roast and the final product is routinely cupped and used in experiments with brewing. These quality control measures contribute to an ever-expanding stock of coffee knowledge that our coffee professionals use to fine-tune and improve Fazenda’s roast quality while also creating best practice guidelines for brewing.

    Fazenda’s coffee is always fresh. We deliver coffee within days of being roasted to our local partners, ensuring you’re always getting a fresh cup. Our retail coffee bags are nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation & preserve the delicate and volatile flavors and aromas inherent to freshly roasted coffee.



    We seek out the highest quality green coffee beans from around the world, and we pay a quality premium to ensure that growers can continue to reinvest in their families, their farms, and their communities, strengthening the viability of the coffee industry for years to come. We believe that this quality-driven approach is consistent with a business model that consistently prioritizes social and environmental sustainability. We prioritize coffees from farms using organic, bird-friendly, shade-grown, agroecological, forest conservation, or polycropping agricultural methods.

    At our roasting facility, we continually re-examine our practices to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact, pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the specialty coffee industry. In 2017, we began delivering local wholesale orders in re-usable crates, eliminating thousands of pounds of cardboard waste annually.

    We invested in a Loring S70 Peregrine Roaster, whose single-burner design reduces energy consumption by 80 percent, making it among the most energy efficient commercial roasters in the U.S. We partner with local artisans and craftspersons to upcycle our burlap coffee bags, or with local agriculturalists to recycle them naturally. Fazenda also partners with local farmers to recycle the coffee chaff from the roasting process.