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Sumatra Lintong

Sumatra Lintong

Medium-Dark Roast

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  • SUMATRA LINTONG is a big, bold coffee, with a classic Sumatran tobacco earthiness that finishes with a lingering, clean black licorice sweetness.
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Earthy, Spice, Black Licorice.
  • ROASTED FRESH in our environmentally friendly Loring roaster to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • WHOLE BEAN COFFEE packaged in nitrogen flushed bags for freshness.

The Story

SUMATRA LINTONG is processed in the "wet hulled" method that is unique to Indonesia. In order to dry coffee in the high humidity environment of the southern Pacific, the outer "parchment" layer on the coffee seed is removed before the coffee is fully dried. This allows the coffee to dry quicker in a humid, rainy climate.

The coffee bean is more exposed while drying, so sometimes these coffees can be stereotoyped as being "dirty" or "musty", but we take great care to source coffees that are well dried and sorted, with rich earthy flavors & unique sweetness.

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