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Hario Cold Brewer

Hario Cold Brewer

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The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is our favorite simple vessel for making cold brew. It's just three parts: a 1 liter glass pot, a filter basket and a lid. It's easy to use & clean up, filters well, and doesn't take up much space!

Just add 90 grams of coarsely ground coffee (we recommend our Cold Brew Blend) to the filter basket and insert into the carafe. Fill water over the coffee grounds, stir to make sure everything is saturated, and then store in the fridge. After 12-18 hours, just pull out the filter & you're done! You can store your cold brew in the same pot you just brewed in.

You can use this for cold brew tea with the same method -- try starting with 10 grams of tea per pot!

We recommend hand washing the pot only. This is very high quality Japanese glassware, but is more prone to breaking or chipping when sent through the dishwasher.

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