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Fellow Ode 2 Grinder

Fellow Ode 2 Grinder

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The Fellow Ode 2 is the top of the line home coffee grinder -- we've put it head to head with well respected commercial grinders ten times the price point, and the Ode 2 goes head to head with them on cup quality. While it's not suited for espresso, if you brew filter coffee at home this is the upgrade you've been looking for (it's what we use in our own kitchens!).

The features we love:

  • Grind Quality - Grinders produce particles across a range of different sizes; the less variance in particle size, the more well-defined and distinctive flavors are in the cup. The Ode 2 rivals the best commercial grinders in the market in this field.

  • Anti-static Technology - This grinder has an ionizer built into the burr chamber outlet, causing greatly reduced static cling -- no more messy grinds spraying on the counter when you pull out the collection bin!

  • 100 Gram Hopper - The hopper accommodates enough coffee for the top capacity on most home coffee makers. (If you're looking to grind larger amounts, you'll need to split grinding into multiple batches).

  • Auto Stop - Once grinding is complete, the grinder will automatically turn itself off after a few seconds.


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