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Colombia La Estrella Del Ostro

Colombia La Estrella Del Ostro

Medium Roast

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  • COLOMBIA LA ESTRELLA DEL OSTRO is grown by small-scale coffee growers in Huila, Colombia, whose coffees are carefully graded; only lots that pass a rigorous quality standard are selected for this coffee.
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Caramel, Citrus, Cocoa -- This coffee has a big, sweet caramel foundation with some fruity acidity and a gingery finish.
  • ROASTED FRESH in our environmentally friendly Loring roaster to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • WHOLE BEAN COFFEE packaged in nitrogen flushed bags for freshness.

The Story

LA ESTRELLA DEL OSTRO comes from La Plata, Huila, a mountainous region of Colombia that was first known for mining ("La Plata" refers to the silver mined there), but these days has a strong agriculture-based economy. Coffee is grown on a mostly small scale, with most farmers having no more than 6-7 acres of land. The name refers to a star that shines notably bright most nights above the highest mountain in the area

In area like this, rather than large estates where coffee is both grown and processed on the same site, small producers pick coffee cherry and deliver it to one larger wet mill. These mills will separate all the different lots - sometimes by the day the coffee cherry is delivered, sometimes by individual farm - and depulp, ferment, and dry the coffee. Once processed, lots are graded for quality and only specialty grade coffees become part of this lot.

Our sourcing partner runs a coffee growers education program, with teams of consultants and agronomists working side by side with growers in the region to maintain profitable farm operations, with a priority on quality and sustainability. Farmers strive to meet the specialty grade standard for a price premium; lots that score even higher gain additional premiums, with the most exquisite coffees being separated as single estate coffees, sometimes no more than two or three bags at a time.

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