Aeropress Brew Guide

The Aeropress makes brewing sweet, delicious coffee easy. No - it doesn't brew espresso, despite what the instructions say - but it's the perfect brewer for brewing for one without a lot of fuss.

We love to brew with the "inverted" method. Here's how:

1. Set it upside down!

Aeropress Inverted

 Insert the plunger into the aeropress body so the black rubber is fully seated, and place the brewer so the cap side is facing up. Place an aeropress filter paper in the cap and set aside.
Pro-tip: This is a great time to pre-heat the brewer and rinse your filter paper!



2. Dose 16 grams of coffee, add hot water halfway and stir, then wait 30 seconds.

Aeropress BloomPlace 16 grams of ground coffee into the top of the aeropress (the Aeropress is forgiving with grind size - we offer an "Aeropress" grind that's suited for the method included with the instruction booklet, but for the Inverted method we'll use a grind in between Drip and French Press). Adding some hot water and waiting helps the coffee off-gas, setting us up for a better extraction & avoiding any overflow.



 3. Fill to the top with hot water & stir once more.

Aeropress FullYou'll be using 240 grams of hot water total. You'll be filling the aeropress almost to the rim. Adding water slowly can help minimize the amount of "foam" generated on top from the coffee offgassing.



4. Steep for 1:45, then stir, cap & plunge.

Aeropress On CupThis is the hard part - put the cap on, then carefully flip the whole assembly onto your cup. Hold the brewer carefully from both ends, if the plunger comes out everything will spill!


 5. Plunge & enjoy!

Aeropress PlungeClean up is easy, just bring it to the trash can, remove the cap and pop the coffee into the trash. The Aeropress is dishwasher-safe, but be careful that the cap doesn't fall through the dish rack.






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