10% Of Sales Benefiting Restaurant Strong Fund Through April 20

10% Of Sales Benefiting Restaurant Strong Fund Through April 20

As a Boston-based coffee roaster, we've had the good fortune to partner with countless restaurants, bakeries and other hospitality businesses throughout the region.These businesses are driven by people who have given their life’s work to bringing our communities together.

Three weeks ago we learned that — of no fault of their own — their work of bringing people together Is now a threat to public health. Overnight tens of thousands of servers, cooks, drivers, bakers, baristas, managers and more have lost their livelihoods. We’ve seen the impact first hand at Fazenda, as our wholesale business has ground to a stand still.

As a wholesale supplier, we’re working hard to keep our lights on for the few remaining customers operating on a take-out or delivery basis, along with the increasingly busy grocery business. Now more than ever, we’re relying on direct consumer business through our website to keep our business alive.

We want to use our ability to still be open to give back. Now through April 20th, we’re donating 10% of all non-subscription online sales to the Restaurant Strong Fund set up by Sam Adams & The Greg Hill Foundation. The Fund is providing grants up to $1000 to full time restaurant workers in Massachusetts and other states who are depending on wages & tips to cover basic living expenses and provide for their families.

With more people than ever brewing coffee at home, we hope you’ll take us up on the opportunity to help us support the front line workers of the hospitality industry who need our support now more than ever.

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