Founder & CEO Philip Schein

Philip Schein CEO Image

Philip Schein is a successful business owner based in Boston, MA. He is the CEO/owner of Fazenda Coffee Roasters, which he founded in 2010. A pioneer in the specialty coffee movement, he’s an expert in entrepreneurship and coffee sourcing and roasting.

Featured in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and other media outlets, Schein has collaborated with locally/internationally acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs consulting and building successful coffee programs for more than 20 years. He has owned cafes and start-up ventures emerging as a leader with experiences in all facets of business development.

Schein earned his degree at Tulane University and Boston University, has received multiple coffee and tea certifications, and regularly travels to countries of coffee origin. He also leads various trainings and classes throughout Boston.

Today, Schein leads his dynamic team to provide exceptional coffee, service, and education to more than 200 restaurants, cafes, hotels, and gourmet food stores in Boston/Greater Boston, as well as nationwide. In addition to running Fazenda Coffee Roasters, he dedicates time and resources to support several organizations and philanthropic causes in the local community.