Fazenda Snapchilled Coffee

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We're excited to now offer our Nitro Cold Brew online in collaboration with Elemental Beverage Company. Brewed with our Mexico Mixteca (an organic & fair trade coffee), it is smooth and creamy with notes of cocoa, vanilla and molasses.

These coffees are preserved with liquid nitrogen; while they won't have the same vigorous effect as a beverage through a nitro stout draft faucet, you can achieve a nitro foam head by shaking vigorously for 45-60 seconds before opening, then pouring the full can hard directly into a glass.

This coffee is Snapchilled: brewed expertly hot, then within seconds is rapidly chilled to below 40 degrees without the use of ice. This innovative method preserves the full flavor spectrum of freshly brewed coffee, without dilution or oxidation.

Special Shipping Note

Our cans keep best when stored cold; we use special insulated mailers to preserve flavor quality on their way to you. Cans should be refrigerated upon delivery.

Can orders ship via UPS; we may hold orders to ship until they can be delivered in 1-2 days. (Orders placed later in the week may be held until the next Monday/Tuesday to ship, depending on your distance from us.)

We currently only ship to the following states: MA, NH, CT, RI, VT, ME, NY, NJ, PA.

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