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Barista Grade Cocoa Powder

Barista Grade Cocoa Powder

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Our barista-grade cocoa powder is specially sourced for making great beverages: hot chocolates, mochas, and more. Just like every coffee origin is unique, the same is true for chocolate, so we've carefully selected single origin, certified USDA organic cocoa powder & sugar.

Our cocoa powder has just enough sugar to craft the perfect amount for a balanced beverage, but without being overly sweet. We're excited to share with you the most delicious cocoa powder you'll ever taste!

Tanzania Kokoa Kamili

Kokoa Kamili is the source for our cocoa powder, located in eastern Tanzania. Like coffee, cocoa beans are fermented and dried after harvesting; Kokoa Kamili serves as a "fermentary", a central facility where nearly 3,000 small cacao farmers deliver their "wet" cacao to.

Fermenting Boxes at Kokoa Kamili

Kokoa Kamili focuses on controlling the fermentation and drying process to produce consistently high quality cocoa beans. By centralizing processing, Kokoa Kamili both reduces the workload for farmers, while by producing a higher quality product can then compensate them well above market rate & paying immediately after delivery. Previously, the only buyer for cacao in the region was a local arm of one of the world's largest commodity trading houses, who paid some of the lowest prices that had been heard of.

Brazil Native Green Cane Project

We put the same attention into sourcing the sugar we blend with for our barista-grade cocoa powder. The Native Green Cane Project in Brazil, the source of our sugar, is a trailblazer in redefining what sugar and sustainable agriculture can look like. Started in 1986, the Native Green Cane Project has grown into one of the world's largest sustainable, organic agriculture projects.

Traditionally, when sugar cane is ready to harvest, the field is lit on fire, burning off the leaves and other organic material; the cane stalk doesn't burn because of its high moisture content. Burning sugar cane produces toxic air pollution, damages soil, and destroys wildlife habitat.

Looking to re-envision cane harvesting, the Native Green Cane Project created an entire new system for harvesting sugar cane. They invented a mechanical green cane harvester that strips the cane & re-uses the leaves and tops as mulch to replenish soil; their harvesting system has become a model for sugar harvesting across Brazil.

Green Cane Harvesting

Combined with other strategies in a holistic management program, the Native Green Cane Project has done good for their business (yielding 20% higher harvest compared to nearby farms), for their workers (workers manage mechanical harvesters, instead of manually cutting cane in sweltering fields), and their local environment.

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