Fazenda Instant Coffee: Guatemala Perla Negra

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"Instant coffee you'll actually want to drink."

We partnered with Sudden Coffee, a pioneer in specialty "crystallized" coffee. They start with freshly roasted Fazenda coffee. Once brewed, the coffee is frozen and put in a vacuum chamber. The water sublimates away, leaving only the soluble crystallized coffee behind. The crystallized instant coffee is then packaged in individual tubes under nitrogen, ensuring each cup stays fresh for months.

Each pack contains four tubes of coffee. We recommend using 10 oz. of water per tube, hot or cold. The tubes, caps and box are 100% recyclable.

This particular coffee is called La Perla Negra ("The Black Pearl"), a blend of coffees from farms in the mountains of Chiquimula and Zapaca (southeastern Guatemala, on the border of Honduras). La Perla Negra is a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.