Costa Rica Rinconcito (Medium Roast)

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  • RINCONCITO is a "Black Honey" process coffee from Costa Rica - this unique process results in a unique rounded, smooth, sweet cup with gentle fruit.
  • FAZENDA RESERVE is a selection of our most coveted finds; these coffees are grown in small batches by dedicated farmers who possess the patience and precision that truly amazing coffee demands.
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Red Berry, Pear, Syrupy.
  • ROASTED FRESH in our environmentally friendly Loring roaster to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • WHOLE BEAN COFFEE packaged in nitrogen flushed bags for freshness.

The Story

Rinconcito is the name of the farm this coffee comes from, just seven acres of land a short drive outside of Costa Rica's capital, San Jose. This lot is unique amongst our offerings in being the only "Black Honey" processed coffee. Normally when coffee is grown, the cherry is picked from the tree, then either dried with the fruit on ("Natural" or "Dry" Process), or the fruit is removed from the seed before drying ("Washed" or "Wet" Process). Honey Processing is a hybrid of the two styles, where some, but not all, of the fruit is removed; the remaining sticky fruit mucilage has a golden hue that looks like honey (no actual honey is involved!).

Honey Process coffees are often labeled as White, Yellow, Red, or Black depending on the amount of fruit left on the seed to dry. Black Honey coffees involve the most amount of fruit remaining, and during the slow drying process the sugary fruit pulp ferments. The resulting coffee has a unique heavier body, with mellower acidity and sweet stone fruit tones.

Check out our blog post on Honey Process coffees for the full story on what makes a honey process coffee!