La Pastora (Medium Roast)

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  • LA PASTORA is a "Yellow Honey" process coffee from Costa Rica - this unique process results in a unique rounded, smooth, sweet cup with gentle fruit.
  • FAZENDA RESERVE is a selection of our most coveted finds; these coffees are grown in small batches by dedicated farmers who possess the patience and precision that truly amazing coffee demands.
  • ROASTED FRESH in our environmentally friendly Loring roaster to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • WHOLE BEAN COFFEE packaged in nitrogen flushed bags for freshness.

The Story

La Pastora has been producing coffee under the ownership of Esquivel family for six decades. For most of its history, La Pastora supplied coffee cherry to other mills for processing. In 2011, the Esquivel's built their own wet mill on site to be able to more tightly control quality and be able to better feature single estate microlots.

This particular lot is processed in the "yellow honey" style. Unlike traditional washed coffees, a small amount of mucilage (the sugary, sticky fruit pulp from the coffee cherry) is left on the beans after pulping. The resemblance of the mucilage to honey is what gives the processing its name. The coffee is then dried with the mucilage remaining on the bean.

During the drying process, the fermentation of the mucilage produces a variety of aromatic compounds that affect the final flavor profile; additionally, the bean retains a higher sugar content compared to traditional fully washed coffees. Honey coffees tend to have heavier bodies while retaining sweetness and flavor clarity.