Fazenda Reserve July/August 2017: Ethiopia Yukiro Cooperative

The legendary birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia today produces some of the finest coffees in the world.

No exception to the rule, our latest Reserve offering hails from the Yukiro Cooperative in the Agaro region of Jimma, Western Ethiopia. The Yukiro Cooperative is a prime example of a successfully self-sustainable coffee cooperative in Africa. For us, their success as a cooperative means the farmers and workers are being paid transparently and well for their high quality product. We can all feel good about enjoying this Reserve coffee.

You’ll note that this coffee is labeled as an Heirloom varietal, but in Ethiopia, the term is not as specific as other varietal labels from other coffee-growing regions. Why, you might ask? Because coffea arabica has been growing wild in this region for centuries, easily cross-pollinating in the high altitudes, vast genetic variation not yet tested nor documented is out there. So what we call Heirloom could actually be one of any thousands of genetic varieties in Ethiopia.

This particular Heirloom varietal, however, is grown at a high altitude between 1,900 and 2,100 meters by the Yukiro Cooperative. It’s also washed, meaning that the beans are first pulped to remove the skin’s first layer, then fermented with the mucilage for a day or so, and finally washed of the mucilage when the beans are perfect. Our end result delivers tempting citrus and stone fruit flavors. You’ll also savor its floral aroma with notes of apricot, peach, and jasmine. This Reserve is a truly exceptional coffee you won’t want to miss.

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