Employee Profiles: Meet Anthony & Jumeesha

Employee: Anthony Cardoza

Position: Packaging Prep

Anthony has been with Fazenda for about 3 months and comes in regularly in the afternoons, 3–4 days a week. He’s been great. We caught up with him last week and asked him a few questions about his experiences with the Best Buddies job program and working at Fazenda, and a few questions about himself.

How did you get involved with Best Buddies?
Through Mass Rehab. They told me about it.

What’s your experience with the job program been like?
It’s a great program. The people I’ve met are really nice, really interested, and were great at helping me find a good job.

Did you have another job before coming to Fazenda?
Yes. I did data entry and filing at the Department of Revenue. That was a good job. The people were really nice but I was too fast and ran out of work too soon. (We all laughed.)

What’s it like to work at Fazenda?
It’s great. It’s a wonderful work environment for me. It’s very relaxed. As long as you get your work done, you’re responsible for yourself. And I have my own space, which is a blessing for me.

Did you have to learn anything new for this job?
No, not really. I’m basically a free agent and can do different things they need. Right now I do labeling—which is perfect because it’s peaceful, which I like. I like coming in and just doing my work. Eventually, I might start weighing tea.

What would you tell people who are thinking about joining Best Buddies for work?
I’d tell them you made a great choice. Best Buddies definitely fits the bill. It’s the best job program in Boston. 

What about people who are thinking of hiring through Best Buddies?
You should do it. Best Buddies makes sure that new hires do their jobs and know what they’re doing. It’s very personalized. The same person who gets you the job comes to check in and helps you if you need it, until you’re good to go. They’ll come as often as they need to. They’ll keep coming in until everyone is 100% satisfied.

How long did your counselor come in?
(smile) Not long.

OK. Now some important questions. Do you get free coffee?
Yes. But I drink tea, so I get free tea.

What’s your favorite?
Chamomile, and Crimson Red Berry. And I like black tea at night.

I see you listen to music while you work. What’s your music?
Classical. I discovered I really like it.

Favorite composer?

If you could choose a superpower…?
I’d control the wind.

Think about it. What can stop the wind? 


Employee: Jumeesha Young

Position: Packaging Prep

We missed Jumeesha for last week’s group pic but caught up with her in time for this post. Jumeesha has been working at Fazenda as a package labeler since last September. Another great employee we’re proud to introduce. We asked her a few questions, too.

How long have you been involved in Best Buddies?
A while! I’ve had jobs at Goodwill, a grocery store, a coffee shop, and now here.

What kind of work did you do in your other jobs?
At Goodwill, I did a lot of things, like housekeeping and hanging clothes. I also worked in the kitchen washing dishes and, sometimes, cooking lunch. At the coffee shop, I helped with packaging, cleaning tables, replacing the milk and sugar… Everyday, I met a lot of new people, which I liked.

Here, you’re helping us with labeling (thank you) — do you like working at Fazenda?
Yes, I like it here. It’s quiet and relaxing. It’s very comfortable. 

Did you have to learn any new skills for your job here?
No, but Best Buddies came in helped get me going. They’re also going to be helping me find the bus route so that I can take the MBTA to work. 

Coffee or tea?
I drink tea. 

What is your favorite?
All kinds! I like to have tea with lemon and honey. I love honey in my tea. 

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    Jumeesha with Business Manager, Laura Chin

Jumeesha with Business Manager, Laura Chin

Do you have any hobbies?
I have a lot! I like to read books, I do sign language, and I bake cakes, do puzzle books, and listen to music. 

What type of music do you like?
Jamin’ 94.5!! It’s my favorite. 

If you could choose a superpower…?
I would tell people what to do.

And they would do it.
Yes. (smile)

For more information on Best Buddies and the Best Buddies employment program in your area, check out www.bestbuddies.org and www.imintohire.org.