August's Reserve Coffee: Guatemala Buena Vista

Our August Reserve coffee comes from Finca San Diego Buena Vista, a Rainforest Alliance-certified farm in the Acatenango Valley of central Guatemala. under the gaze of nearby Volcán Fuego and Volcán Acatenango, the producers of FInca San Diego Buena vista grow blackberries, peaches, and avocados alongside their coffee. This agricultural diversification not only allows the farm to generate extra income at the local market; it also helps to sustain a healthy and balanced agro-ecological system on this fertile land. THe farm employs a variety of creative strategies to protect its environment. For example, to control weeds without the use of harmful herbicides, the farm relies on a group of hungry, hard-working goats!

Finca San Diego Buena Vista's location between mountain ranges lends it the perfect climate for specialty coffee production, with high humidity and consistent cloud coverage. This coffee, drawn exclusively from the farm's Bourbon and Caturra varietals, is fully washed and sun-dried on-site. With a syrupy smooth body, Guatemala Buena Vista displays notes of brown sugar and licorice, with a subtle hint of red apple. With its structured sweetness and its super-full body, Guatemala Buena Vista is also a stunner as a single-origin espresso. Try it for yourself, available for a limited time only in our online store