Sample Roasting for Today

Excited for our cupping section on Friday which will feature some very interesting samples I roasted yesterday. Should be akin to a trip around the world with beans from Uganda, Kenya, Bali, Indonesia, Guatemala, Burundi, and even India. It will also feature two robustas and two microlots.

As a company we offer all 100% arabica coffees, but its nice to deepen our coffee knowledge and try new things. I’ve decided these have to be tasted blind given everyone’s bias against robusta. There have been some ripples in the coffee underworld hinting at the notion that robusta single origins can be good and so we are investigating.

The story goes like this: Arabica’s largely ignored little brother, according to some, hasn’t been given a spotlight because of improper grading and its overuse in low quality blends designed to mask flaws. Apparently, some of this is changing and the specialty coffee world might soon be welcoming a few rare and select single origin robustas. Like most people, I’m inclined towards skepticism but you never know … so I’ll keep everyone updated about how the recommended robustas fare in our …ahem*… coffee-snob palettes.

Of greater importance, two microlots will be present: one from the Kia Ora Estate in Kenya’s Kirigyana region and another from a Balinese smallholder collective. If they are really outstanding you might be able to try them too when we roll out our top three microlots, hopefully at the beginning of the year!