Look for our limited edition Holiday Blend this season!

Last month, with the holidays right around the corner, we set to work on creating a perfect blend. As specialty coffee roasters we tend to focus on finding those few coffees that really stand out and then go searching for just the right way to roast them. Once the story of that coffee is really singing in our cups, we want to let the coffee show itself off and so we offer it as a single-origin. Deciding to blend isn’t really in our nature, but the spirit of the holiday season and the cold weather presented a unique challenge.

Jumping into the art of blending for this coffee was a challenge we were willing to take head-on. We wanted something that really sums up everything good about December. We wanted to focus on creating a flavor profile that is deeply warming, like a fire in the hearth or an evening with friends and family. We also couldn’t forget about everybody’s favorite vice (aside from too much coffee of course): chocolate.

After some rigorous fine-tuning, and more than one complete failure, a Holiday Blend that really tastes like the holidays is on the shelf at some of our retail locations. This one takes deep spice notes and its syrupy mouthfeel from a classic Indonesian Sumatra (roasted light) and smooth dark chocolate flavors accented with citrus zest from a Costa Rican Tarrazu (roasted vienna) and sings a chorus in your mouth.

Check in at our cafe on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain to grab a bag before the season is out.