Fazenda partners with Savorii to upcycle burlap!

Our green coffee imports arrive on pallets, each pallet has ten 150lb bags of green coffee in burlap. Each week there arrives here at Fazenda Coffee Roasters three or four pallets, each holding 1500 lbs of coffee. The pallets can be recycled, the 4500 to 6000 lbs of coffee is roasted, losing about 20% of its weight in the process, delivered, brewed, and consumed in less than two weeks, fueling many of Boston’s and New England’s finest citizens throughout the week. With luck, many of our customers are able to compost their coffee grounds, fertilize plants and garden plants, and recycle those nutrients. Burlap, on the other hand, is a non-recyclable. We’ve had requests for it, as it makes a great dry mulch, but the average citizen wouldn’t know what to do with 30 bags of burlap a week. And neither did we!

Until we discovered Savorii, a group of local artists and craftspeople that turn used material into beautiful and useful objects. Our burlap is now being fashionably featured on Savorii’s purses, handbags, wallets, and more. Take a look at what these artists are up to!


Savorii on facebook.