Ethiopia - Misty Valley


Ethiopia - Misty Valley


Light Roast
Flavor Notes: Blueberry - Lemon - Spice
Baking spices with citrus and floral aroma.

Misty Valley is the name given to a special preparation of this dry natural processed coffee by the exporter. It is rare for un-washed coffees to achieve grade 1 status, but through hard work, this coffee makes the cut. We are very proud to be offering such an excellent coffee. 

  • Origin: Gedeo region of Ethiopia
  • Estate: Pooled from smallholders in Yirgacheffe
  • Process: Dry natural
  • Elevation: 1750-1950 meters (5700-6400 feet)
  • Varietals: Indigenous heirloom varietals
  • Grade: 1

Available in 12 oz. bags, whole bean or ground.

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