Costa Rica - El Conquistador

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Costa Rica El Conquistador.jpg

Costa Rica - El Conquistador


Medium Dark Roast
Flavor Notes: Green Apple, Walnut, Chocolate
Full-bodied crisp, clean and sweet coffee.

  • Origin: Tarrazú region of Costa Rica
  • Estate: Coopdedota Cooperative
  • Process: Fully washed
  • Elevation: 3937 - 6233 feet
  • Grade: La Minita QC
  • Varietals: Caturra and Catuai

Available in 12 oz. bags, whole bean or ground.

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Costa Rica El Conquistador hails from the Dota micro-region of Tarrazú, an esteemed coffee-growing valley in the Talamanca Sierra zone of southern Costa Rica. This coffee is pooled from smallholders in the region and washed at Beneficio Rio Tarrazú. Widely regarded as one of the finest coffee mills in the world, Beneficio Rio Tarrazú is a model for sustainable coffee processing, with hydroelectric power generated on-site, a biomass furnace that recycles the by-product of the coffee fruit as a fuel for drying the coffee, and on-site medical and dental facilities for the local producers. This emphasis on environmental and social sustainability has won Beneficio Rio Tarrazú numerous awards from the Costa Rican government and helps to maintain El Conquistador’s remarkable consistency in the cup.